ftv jessica - Unanswered Questions on Ftv Girls Updates That You Should Know About


ftv jessica - Unanswered Questions on Ftv Girls Updates That You Should Know About

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ftv picturesI had met Tim and Sammy through work. Tim was a few years younger than me, athletic, and full of self confidence. Sammy was his slightly younger wife. She was Filipino and had an alluring body and face. I had a reputation for sleeping with peoples wives at works that was, well, deserved. Sammy found out about the reputation through some of the other spouses. It was not shocking really when she messaged me on FB one night. Her hubs was at work and I had the night off. Her boredom was apparent in how she was talking as we kept messaging. I was a bit tanked so me leaving my place was a no go. I got tired of her round about suggestive messages so point blank asked her if she wanted to come over and have some fun. She agreed. I was stoked. Then got to wondering as I waited for her to drive over why she was bored. Her hubs was a good looking guy. They seemed lovey dovey whenever we were hanging out outside of work as a group. Sammy shows up and the questions go out my mind. Shes not dolled up or anything but Im ready to go. We move right to my bedroom and the clothes go flying off. It wasnt long before we were both ready to go. Im over her as shes got her legs almost pressed against her. She feels amazing as Im racing to bust my first load. Sammy has me take her spot so she can ride me. Her breasts sway heavenly as Im enjoying her on top. I reach the point of no return pretty soon, since it had been a bit since Id been with someone. I pull her down and buck up so I know Im cumming as deeply as I can in her. We lay there exhausted from the fun. I start to rub her clit after a few minutes to get her to orgasm if I can. She takes my hand to show me how she likes it. Im encouraged since its a turn on to be with someone who knows how they get off and arent afraid to show it to me. The questions I had been wondering earlier come back to mind. I ask her why she decided to cheat on her husband, since he was good looking, athletic, in better shape then me, treated her well from what I could tell, and they seemed deeply in love. She explains that their sex life was pretty vanilla. Missionary/cowgirl/doggy, giving each other oral, fingering/handjobs, so on. Nothing really kinky or out there. Ive known ftv extreme people who like the girl nak vanilla stuff and it works for them. I ask her if they already got bored. She coyly says yes as shes close to an orgasm. I keep pestering her since I needed to know. After she cums, she grabs me and says Im comparable, girth and size, with her hubs. I ask her then if he was uncut. I have a deep abiding thing for uncut guys. She wasnt sure what I meant so I had to explain it. It was funny to me. She told me he wasnt. We get to fucking again. Im behind her and shes loving it. She told me to start fingering her rear so I comply with the easy request. She loves that even more. She soon blurts out that she and Tim had just started to peg. I laugh, hard. Tim had always mentioned when sex had come up at work that anal was a no go, whether on him or him ftv girls girl photo doing it to a woman. Sammy left soon after we finished the second round. Over the next few weeks, whenever there was time for us to meet up, we would. She would tell me stories of their pegging. She eventually figured out on her own I was bi from my interest in the stories. It didnt faze me for her to know. She brings it up to Tim apparently that she learned I was bi. Tim still was in the dark about me and his wife. She badgers him to ask me if I would have a threeway with them. Im in the loop for all this, unlike Tim. He eventually asked and I agreed, with conditions I would mention once I got there for the event. It was a few days after he asked that all three of us were available for the event. I show up and tell him my conditions: 1) He would get to say "stop" or "no" once with what was happening. Once he did, I would stop and leave. 2) He would have to accept, if he wanted the threesome, that I would be touching him sexually. He would not have to touch me. 3) If he wanted to touch me, Id be ok with it. If he didnt, I would be ok. If he wanted to do more than touch, such as fucking me, he would need a condom. I would wear one if he was ok with me fucking him. Tim agreed quickly to all three. Both of them were unsure of what to do to start the actual threesome after that. I had her sit between us on their couch. Im in khaki shorts and hes in long athletic pants. She begins rubbing both of us as I tell him to kiss her neck or lips as I do the same. My dick is fully erect within moments of us starting. My hands go to her breasts since I found them to be wonderful. Im feeling her up through her shirt and kissing her neck, ears, lips, etc. I feel her hand move off me. I look down to see her placing his hand on my tented shorts. She leads him in lowering my zipper. I reach my hand under her booty shorts and begin fingering her already wet vag. She begins softly moaning as I play with her clit as I slide a finger in and out of her. Her hand moves off my crotch leaving his. He gingerly places his hand inside my fly and awkwardly gropes for my cock. He eventually wraps his hand around my shaft and pulls it out. He begins slowly stroking it. I pull his head in closer with my free hand. He grimaces but doesnt move it as I go for a kiss. Her moans increase as he and I kiss. I suggest after a few more minutes that we go to the bedroom. Sammy directs me to lay on the bed. I lay down. She tells Tim to strip me. He shrugs but gets over me. He pulls my shirt off. Then undoes my belt and slides my shorts and boxers down. My girl nak cock revels in the freedom it has now. He strokes me a few times before laying down. I get over him now. I take his shirt off. Then I take his pants off leaving him in his boxerbriefs. He then whines as I tease his cock through the fabric. I have yet to see him. I wanted to badly. I leave him caged as I turn to her. She lets me strip her quickly. She has Tim get up so she can lay down in the middle of the bed. I get between her legs and ftv girls mobile begin to eat her out. Tim is sucking and playing with her breasts as I do. She cums quicker than I ever saw before. She moves over so Tim can lay down. I finally slowly pull his underwear down. His cock, as she said, was close to mine in size and girth. I lick from his balls to the tip. He groans. I begin really getting into the blowjob. Sammy joins me in attacking his cock. The poor guy is in heaven from the double work. She slips off the bed as I keep my focus on him. He yells out that I was the best head hes ever had so far. Sammy makes a joke about that as she returns with lube and condoms. Im still blowing him as she begins fingering and lubing his rear. She places a condom on me. I really focus on his head now to get him to cum. He explodes in my mouth, rope after rope of cum. I move up after hes done and kiss him. He doesnt grimace. Sammy whispers shes done that before to him. Tim, after a minute or so, gets on all fours. He asks me to fuck him. Im even harder after hearing him say that. I slowly enter his tighhhht ass. He gripped the sheets tightly as I slowly got all the way in. I began stroking his already hard again cock. He moans as I do. I soon slowly begin pounding in and out of his tight rear. He loves what Im doing. Im so excited and in the moment I dont last long. Both of us are sweating and out of breath when I cum. I slumped onto the bed. Tim was nice and hard again. Sammy begs him to fuck her. They fuck missionary for a few minutes as I watch. I cleaned myself up as they fucked. When I got back from the bathroom, she was facing me, reverse cowgirl. I am so excited by all thats happening it doesnt take long for me to get hard again. I climb on the bed and ask her to turn and face him. She does, sinking onto his cock. I grabbed the lube, and got myself nice and slick. I had them pause their fucking with him fully in her. I place my cockhead against his balls and slowly push forward. The bottoms of our cocks are against each other as I enter her as well. Eventually Im in as far as I can be. I pull out a good bit then slam back in. Tim gets the message. He begins fucking her again, alternating with me. It only lasts for maybe a minute before she stopped it. She gets on all fours. I claim her rearside quickly. I sink in and begin fucking her. Tim gladly goes to her head so she can blow him. He cums after a few minutes. I keep pounding her in doggy. Shes moaning heavily the entire time. I let her know when sexy naked gilrs Im about to cum. She tells me to stop. I pull out and hold my cock tight. She asks Tim if he could finish me off. He coyly gets close and at first strokes me again. It gets me really close. He uses his tongue and licks my tip ftv girls hardcore but thats it. She encourages him to just jerk me off then. He tried again to muster the strength to blow me but cant, so he strokes me a few times with his face right there before I cum. His face is decorated with my cum. Talking to them after we all passed out, I learned that Tim had been wanting to experiment with a guy but wasnt sure if he could. The pegging wasnt the same, he said. It was much better with me. It swelled my ego. More to follow with them. http://ift.tt/2pRUDoH Pics of them/me, and vid of me and he
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